COMMUNICATION (2019 - Present)

An experimental electronic album featuring multiple electronic music styles. The album is written in a symphonic form and the tracks are meant to be played consecutively.

The album follows an emotional journey in which a character experiences different types of interactions. Interactions we recognize and emphatize with, and which can also be found in nature and in a way even be found on a molucular level. For instance; connecting, disconnecting, colliding and breaking up into pieces. As such, nature and human connectivity where my driving force for the development of this story.

For this album I also created a live performance which features expressive synthesizer improvisations, unreleased tracks, club edits and live generated visual art.

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An minimal modern-classical composition about humanity's interactions with nature. The lyrics of this composition are based upon a poem by Marco Buschini called Wistful in the Wilderness (2016). It is written for octophonic electronics, mezzo-soprano and saxophone quartet.

Zoals seizoenen vervliegen, klinken de krachten van de natuur eindeloos en vriendelijk door, terwijl de mens hier zijn weg in vindt.

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A composition made for a modern dance, inspired by phasing rhythms such as frequently used by minimalist composer Steve Reich. In this piece of music I created a virtual synthetic orchestra which is supposed to have the same sonic qualities as a real orchestra, but with even more expression, dynamics and sonic possibilities. An imaginary orchestra without limits.


A composition about the wonderful feeling of inspiration. Sometimes its there, sometimes its not, but once it hits you, you are struck with an infinite amount of energy and ideas. I have tried to capture this feeling in this short piece of orchestral music.

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