September 29, 2019

HKU & Communication (2019)

About a week ago I graduated from the University of the Arts Utrecht with honours! My final project for this study was also my first album called Communication. I'm very happy to finally have finished all of the compositions and sounddesign for this album. I'm now working together with a producer to finish the mix and get the album ready for release, so I'll keep you posted... A spotify link will be up here soon!

In the meantime I have already uploaded the (not mixed) version on my soundcloud! So you can listen to the music already. With this album I also worked on a generative audiovisual performance. Ever since the first performances this summer, I have been constantly improving my liveset. Next month I will be playing a completely new version live during the Mantis Festival in Utrecht. I'm very excited since I will probably be trying a lot of new stuff. New things for me, and hopefully also for you! This video is a short clip of "Feel My Heart Burst" during my first performance in the Muziekhuis in Utrecht.

The album itself is themed around our the beauty of our human ways of communication and around several types of moleculair interactions. In a very simple way, I think we share the same sort of interactions: Interactions like collisions, bonding, reactions, rupture and emptyness. The album represents the experiences of a single entity, on a journey somewhere around the universe. It shows us how we are all part of something larger and of something smaller at the same time.

LINKS: Communication on soundcloud - Performance preview

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