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About Me

I am a multidisciplinary artist in the realms of music, sound & technology. My passion for music started when I was young. By playing the piano and singing in choirs, I grew up with a fondness for classical music. As I got older, my interests expanded into other genres such as pop, dance, film and electronic music.

My own musical style has been described as expressive, detailed and full of emotion. I'm fascinated by trying what has not been tried before, and by joining genres and styles into eclectic exciting new combinations. Most of my personal works share a common themes about humanity, nature and technology.

After I graduated my study Composition Electronic Music at the University of the Arts Utrecht, I started my journey in audio software development and digital signal processing. Having worked with great people and on great products so far, I look forward to keep contributing to the wonderous world of audiosoftware.



2020 Communication - Graduation Show 2020 HKU MT at Atelier 8

2019 Communication - Mantis Festival Indoor

2019 Presentatie artists in residence Inaudible

2019 Inaudible: First Impressions

2019 Communication - Audiovisual Art - Graduation Pieces

2019 Communication - Mira presents: Intergalactic Gala

2019 Communication - ¿ ¡ H U H ! ? 2.0 x Radion

2019 Algorave, TEC ART, Rotterdam

2019 Exclamation (2019) - Sax Plus concert, Utrecht's Conservatory

2019 Exclamation (2019) - E-live concert, Nicolaichurch Utrecht

2018 Algorave, HKU Showcase, Utrecht

2018 Athmospheres (2018), WFS Composers, Game of Life studio, The Hague

2018 Algorave, The Overkill Festival, Enschede

2018 Algorave, Culturele zondag, EKKO Utrecht


2022 JBAudio - Audiosoftware development

2020 Splice - Audiosoftware development

2020 Audiaire - Audiosoftware development

2018 Golden Hearing - Hearing test development internship, LUMC Leiden


2020 Birdcage Paradise

2019 Birdcage

2019 Mantis Festival Indoor

Compositions for Media

2019 The Boundaries of Sensory Endurance - Eva Verhoef

2017 EXTRAORDINARY - Emma Mulder, Utrecht

2015 Video2Web Experis EK athletics film competition, Amsterdam


2015-2019 Bachelor Composition Electronic Music, University of the Arts Utrecht

Composition & Creative System Design

2017-2018 AudioEase internship, Audiosoftware development, Utrecht

2014-2015 Basic Education Music & Technology, University of the Arts Utrecht

2012-2014 Bachelor Biomedical Sciences, LUMC Leiden


2019 Inaudible residency at OldSchool Amsterdam

2018 Live audio, Shiftcoaching studiekeuzedag, Heiloo

2017 HKU Invites - Composers in concert - planning & organization, Muziekhuis Utrecht

2017 Live improvisation (band member), De Dag van de Dwangstoornis, Utrecht

2016 Live audio, Shiftcoaching studiekeuzedag, Heiloo

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